IEMA Acorn

The IEMA Acorn Scheme is based on BS 8555 and is designed to provide accredited recognition to small to medium sized organisations who seek to evaluate and improve their environmental performance through the phased implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

The implementation can be completed in five logical steps which provide a convenient route to achieving ISO 14001 certification. Successful assessment of each stage is rewarded with an Accredited Certificate, along with IEMA and AJA logos allowing the recipient to objectively demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment.

BS 8555 breaks down the implementation of an EMS into 5 discrete phases. The 6th phase prepares you for accredited certification to ISO 14001:2004. The Phases of BS 8555 are:

  • Phase 1 Commitment and Establishing the Baseline – Top Management Commitment; Baseline Assessment; Draft Environmental Policy; Training & Awareness; Initiate Continual Improvement Actions.
  • Phase 2 Identifying and Ensuring Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements – Identify all legal requirements, Identify all “other” requirements; Checking Compliance; Develop indicators relating to compliance and liability.
  • Phase 3 Developing Objectives, Targets and Programs – Evaluation of Environmental Aspects; Developing Objectives and Targets; Establishing indicators for Environmental Performance Evaluation; Developing Environmental Management Programmes; Developing Operational Control Procedures; Launching Environmental Policy, Objectives, Targets, and Indicators.
  • Phase 4 Implementation and Operation of the Environmental Management System – Finalising Management Structure & Responsibilities; Training Records & Plans; Establishing and maintaining formal communication; Documentation and record keeping; Reviewing and testing emergency preparedness & response; Measuring features of the EMS.
  • Phase 5 Checking, Audit and Review – Establishing EMS audit programmes; Correcting non-conformances and taking preventative action; Management Review; Improving Environmental Performance; Improving the EMS; Preparing for your ISO 14001 Assessment.
  • Phase 6 Environmental Management System Acknowledgement – ISO 14001 implementation and Assessment.