ISO 14001 EMS

ISO 14001 identifies requirements for an environmental management system. It maps out a framework that an organisation can follow to identify impacts on the environment, define controls to prevent and reduce pollution and ensure compliance to legal requirements.

Why ISO 14001?

Operating an ISO 14001 management system can result in reduced waste and energy use, improve efficiency and provide a means of identifying and evaluating compliance against environmental regulatory requirement and it also demonstrates a commitment to reducing your impact on the environment.

Benefits to your client.

More and more companies and institutions are demanding that their suppliers and stakeholders are committed to improving their environmental performance; Accredited ISO 14001 certification is the first step towards being able to demonstrate this.

Why use AJA Egypt?

AJA Egypt is accredited for a large in a range of industrial and commercial sectors and operates throughout the globe, ensuring that we have the expertise to fully understand your operations and your customer needs.