ISO 22000 FSMS

ISO 22000 is internationally recognised as providing a framework for a food safety management system that be applied to all elements of the food manufacturing, processing, packaging and logistics sectors.

Why ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 (FSMS) is a generic food safety management standard that includes a set of food safety requirements, it can be used by any organisation directly or indirectly involved in the food chain. It applies to all organizations and can help ensure the safety of our client’s food products. The objective of the system in place is to ensure that these food products do not cause adverse human health effects.

Benefits to your client.

ISO 22000 (FSMS) has many benefits to your clients such as demonstrating compliance with external safety requirements, compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements. Consistently meeting your customer’s food safety requirements. Providing safe products and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. Improve supplier relationships. Enable our clients to continually improve including the export of food products and penetrate international markets. Improve communication with your customers. Improve supplier relationships.

Why use AJA Egypt?

AJA Egypt is accredited for a large in a range of industrial and commercial sectors and operates throughout the globe, ensuring that we have the expertise to fully understand your operations and your customer needs.