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Our History

AJA EGYPT founded in 1998 in Cairo, Egypt to provide its services within the geographical area of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).

Independent third party certification body operating from Egypt providing 3rd party registration and training services.

AJA EGYPT operates across a diverse range of industrial and commercial sectors. Our clients are equally diverse and they include single site operators ranging from 1 to 20,000 employees to multi-site, multi-national companies, the largest of which has in excess of 1250 sites.

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AJA EGYPT offers a transparent and accountable audit decision making process that the primary goal for our clients is continual improvement. This process is delivered by a wealth of experienced and qualified professionals working within the company.

So whether you are a small local operation or a major multi-national operating globally, AJA EGYPT is able to tailor its services and approach specifically to meet your needs.


AJA EGYPT is a member in many associations like:

  • Industrial Modernization Center “IMC”

Reg. name:  AJA EGYPT

Reg. No.:     A-10075

Reg. name: AJA EGYPT

Reg. No.:     CB 03

  • Egyptian Society for Quality “ESQ”

Reg. name: AJA EGYPT

 Position : Member of Board