Appeals & Complaints

AJA Egypt auditors will show the profetionalism and credability of the audit and certification process while there are channels for Appeals & Complaints when needed.

Appeals and Disputes

In the event of certificate withdrawal or the failure to recommend and approve a client company for registration, the company has the right of appeal on this decision. if the company indicates their lack of acceptance of the audit team findings, then they should refer to the “Appeals and Complaint Information section”, provided within the AJA Egypt report, which details procedure for  submitting a formal appeal. This also details your right to dispute the appeal committee member appointments.

AJA Egypt must receive notification of the intent to appeal within seven days of the company’s receipt of the withdrawal notice from AJA Egypt, or the failure to recommend for registration. The company must submit a formal, documented, substantiation for the appeal, together with any supportive documentation/ information, to AJA Egypt within fourteen days of the receipt of the withdrawal notice or the failure to recommend for registration.

All client company appeals will be initially reviewed by the local office Compliance & System Certification Manager and the AJA Egypt audit staff responsible for the recommendation to withdraw the certificate or decision not to recommend for registration – who must provide evidence to support their recommendation. Should the local office Compliance & System Certification Manager reject the appeal then it will be forwarded to the Compliance & System Certification Manager who, if they concur, must then forward it to the AJA Egypt CEO for appraisal. Should the CEO concur with the Compliance & System Certification Manager’s findings then the appeals committee, drawn from the independent members of the governing council shall consider the appeal.

The appealing company will be advised of the names of the governing council appeals committee that will review their appeal and the company has the right to dispute the members of the appeals committee by formal notification of their dispute. This dispute will be reviewed by the chairman of the council or, if the chairman is a member of the appeals committee, by the vice-chairman. The result of the governing council appeals committee review will be notified to the company.

The decision of the governing council appeals committee is final and shall be binding on both parties. Once the decision on the appeal has been made no counter claim by either party can be made to amend or change the decision.

In instances where the client company’s appeal has been successful, and the certificate is re-issued (in the case of withdrawal) or the recommendation for registration goes forward, no claim can be made against AJA Egypt for reimbursement of costs or any other losses incurred as a result of the initial withdrawal or failure to recommend.

Submission, investigation and decision on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant


Registered companies are required to keep a record of all complaints from clients, users of their products or the general public, including subsequent remedial actions to their management system. AJA Egypt will review these records during surveillance visits.

Should a client company have any reason to complain regarding the conduct of AJA Egypt employees, then the complaint should be made in writing to the AJA Egypt local office.  Complaints may also be directed to the AJA Egypt Compliance & System Certification Manager; the address can be obtained from local office staff.

Complainants will receive an acknowledgment of receipt immediately and the complaint will be investigated and decided upon within a maximum of 30 days from initial receipt.

Should AJA Egypt receive a complaint, indicating that a certified client no longer complies with AJA Egypt requirements, then it may be necessary to either initiate withdrawal of certification, or conduct either a full re audit of the client, or an unscheduled short notice audit related to the apparent cause of complaint at extra cost to the client.

All certified clients shall make available, when requested, records of all complaints and corrective actions taken, in accordance with the management system standards or other normative documents.

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