AJA-EGYPT about us

AJA-EGYPT Founded in 1998 AJA EGYPT founded in 1998 in Cairo, Egypt to provide its services within the geographical area of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). Independent third party certification body operating from Egypt providing 3rd party registration and training services. AJA EGYPT operates across a diverse range of industrial and commercial sectors. Our clients are equally diverse and they include single site operators ranging from 1 to 20,000 employees to multi-site, multi-national companies, the largest of which has in excess of [...]

ISO celebrates 70 years

Seventy years celebration of ISO Organization 2017 is ISO’s 70th anniversary! The ISO story began in 1946 when delegates from 25 countries gathered in London to discuss the future of standardization. A year later, on 23 February 1947, ISO officially came into existence. In this post-war era, the founding members saw International Standards as a key to the world’s reconstruction efforts. Back in 1947, the purpose of the fledgling organization was to facilitate the coordination and unification of standards developed by [...]